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back from the mountains [Jul. 30th, 2008|10:44 am]
first off.. if and i hope at least occasionally everyone with a computer does donate to a particular charity, which one is it and why?

second, thanks to the lovely gals at art star, i received an e-mail from project runway with information about applying for season 6. although i dropped my tv in the closet and have been trying to live a little more off of the grid, i think it would be a great start to not waitressing forever.

i just got back from vermont again, i fall in love with that state every time i go there. the whole trip was really really fun and thanks to all of the friends and strangers who put us up, camping in the rain wouldn't have been as much fun. we have a photo diary to go along with the trip: http://flickr.com/photos/23086242@N06/
in november i'm going to drive across the country with a few friends, visit everyone we know, play shows, find a new place to live. i really want(ed) to try to find a place to sublet for the fall in burlington but if i can't find something within the next few weeks i'll have to stay here and save money.. i'll have a lot of furniture to sell and a room to sublet in november so if anyone is interested, let me know! also if you know of any great spots with built in audiences or even attentive ones please let me know.. i'm looking for shows in the following cities:
chicago, il
golden, co
denver, co
portland, or
eugene, or
santa cruz, ca
san francisco, ca
tuscan, az
austin, tx
ashville, nc
probably a few more spots, if you have any recommendations along the way, drop a line!